Derrick Smith Illustrates

Hi there.
My name is Derrick Smith.

I am a comic book illustrator and a graphic and web designer based in Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate of the American Academy of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

I chose to study Illustration to learn the process of being a comic book artist. I enjoy drawing and painting as well as creating my own comic books. Designing characters, choosing a direction for my storyline, and detailing each scene are only a few reasons I love creating comic books.

When I produce my own comic books, I tend to concentrate on setting up my characters in dark but stoic poses, just like several of my favorite comic book artists. My favorite artists have all provided me with much inspiration, especially with the representation of their characters - main, supporting, and minor. This inspiration has led me to be able to create better and more interesting comics with improved perspective and positioning skills.

Art has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid, and I decided during high school I wanted to learn how to make a career out of it. I hope to create many more such pieces during my lifetime for the viewing pleasure of the great multitude of art-loving people in the world such as myself.