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This image shows the process of PowerStorm #177, interior page 16, with the left side detailing the first thumbnail and character, environment, and page layout inks. The right side is a full color page layout with dialogue and sound effects.

It is on the right side of the image where the story unfolds. It is here the reader sees both the selfish and conceited Dr. Ventosa and his naïve assistant being interrupted by PowerStorm while working on their latest creation for their boss, a mysterious puppet master. The doctor himself has had run-ins of the bad kind with both the law and PowerStorm in the past after botching up an operation on a dying young girl, thus leading to him being disgraced in the eyes of the medical community and giving him more reason to despise PowerStorm after he unexpectedly crashes in through a roof window.

PowerStorm #177 interior page 16 process
PowerStorm #177 interior page 16 process
Pencil, Ink, Digital